Overview of the My Degree Progress Feature

This feature should be used only by those users who are knowledgeable about the Jenzabar EX Advising system.
This feature may be available to a parent/other person with appropriate permissions granted by a student.
You may not have permission to view the student's advisor.

The My Degree Progress feature lets registrars, deans, advisors, and students performing a degree audit for a student to verify that the student is on track for graduation. The My Degree Progress feature is similar to the Course Needs feature, however, it provides a more detailed view of what the student needs to complete their selected program. Required courses, categories, and other requirements are displayed, indicating how many credits will be earned to complete the requirement as well as the current status of the requirement. If the requirement is a category or group requirement, you can view those elements that compose the category or group requirement. For each course requirement, you can view any current course offerings that would satisfy the requirement.

Degree Audit Summary

The Degree Audit Summary displays a high level view of what the student has completed as well as what remains to be completed. If available, the information is retrieved from EX and displayed.

Degree Audit Detail

The Degree Audit Detail report has three sections:

Course Requirements

Category Requirements

Other Requirements