Excess Aid Disbursement

If you have questions as to when you will receive your excess aid disbursement, please refer to the disbursement schedule that anyone receiving financial aid should have received.   You can also view it here  https://online.sittingbull.edu/webfiles/DisbursementSchedule.pdf

You can see how much excess aid you will be receiving by checking Current Transactions or Course and Fee Statement under the Finances tab.  You should see an entry or entries with description "Excess Aid Direct Deposit" or "Excess Aid Printed Check".    If you do not see either of those and you have a negative balance it means we are not completed yet and you should check back later. 

Password Problems

If you cannot log on it is possible your password has expired and needs to be changed.   You can change your password at any time using this page https://rd.sittingbull.edu/RDWeb/Pages/en-US/password.aspx

If you do not remember your password there is a "Can't access your account?" link at https://portal.office.com



Sitting Bull College COVID Testing Registration Link:

This is the link anyone testing through the Sitting Bull College event will need to use


Please refer to the SBC COVID Guidelines for students