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Thanks for the manslation – and for all the comments! Things are just getting weirder and weirder.

So, neither of us have seen other people in a long time. We’re together 24-7, and the sex has gotten better. Recently I felt like I ought to be honest, and told him exactly what I’m feeling. As much as I want it, I can’t believe he’s into me, and I asked him to tell me as much so that I could just get over him and we could go back to normal. But aside from telling me he “likes me tons,” he didn’t say anything. He’s not the type to lie/avoid about that stuff, so I was annoyed that he didn’t say anything when I specifically asked him to. And he’s gotten way nicer and affectionate since then. So I’m trying to decide if he’s an idiot or just a jerk that likes the ego boost. I’m leaning towards idiot, since he’s a decent guy.

At least he was clear regarding our friendship. I mentioned that I was doing a great job of ruining it, and he said that it was only ruined in my head. The fear of messing up the friendship is what held me back from saying anything, so it’s a relief to know that he’s ok with it.

In response to hunter – he is not good looking in the traditional sense, though he’s grown way more attractive to me as we’ve gotten to know each other. And yes, he’s unemployed, but he does pretty much everything for me while he’s job-hunting. A man who will sew pillowcases for me is a good friend indeed.

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